Dachshund looking ahead

Recommended Supplies & Accessories

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Raising your dachshund puppy into a healthy, happy & vibrant dog takes a lot of dedication, love and perseverance. Knowing what supplies you need and getting advice on what works can save you a lot of time and money, it certainly did for me when I was starting out. Below you’ll find items available on Amazon (affiliate links) that I highly recommend for your dachshund.

Harness: Eco Bark

I love that this harness comes in 6 different sizes which really helps when your fitting your doxie. This particular one doesn’t rub or irritate them like other brands.

Dog Bed: PetFusion

It’s hard to find a dense and soft dog bed, but this has been the best one I’ve found so far. It’s held up well and is our go-to dog bed for home and travel.

Crate: MidWest Homes

Light and well built, I recommend the 24-inch model, but double check your dog size and weight with their chart.

Two dachshunds on ramp

Ramp: The DachRamp

An absolute must for dachshund owners to preserve their Doxie’s backs. This is hands down the best one on the market.

Puppy Food: Diamond Naturals

Dachshunds can be finicky eaters, but this is the best quality dog food that we’ve tried for their puppy years. Made in USA as well.

Adult Food: Royal Canin

10 months and older, this formula is specifically designed for adult dachshunds. Excellent product and I like the fact its made specifically for our breed.

Natural Shampoo: Rocco & Roxie

Excellent shampoo for your doxie and is a trusted item in our home. I trust the ingredients in this and it doesn’t irritate their skin like other brands.

Chew Toy: Benebone

Extremely tough and absolutely his favorite toy in the house. I highly recommend.

Dental Treats: Greenies

Very helpful for combating doggy breath and treat for them. You both win.