My Dachshund Barks Too Much! 7 Great Tips to Get Them to Stop

Many people assume that Dachshunds are small in stature and personality, but that could not be further from the truth. Yes, they are pint-sized pups, but they more than makeup for this with their huge personalities. 

This breed loves to bark and will spend time sharing their thoughts and feelings with anyone that will listen.

While this may be cute when they are pups, it only grows to be a frustrating trait that causes deep displeasure among owners across the world.

Brown Red Wire-haired Dachshund Dog Barking Outdoor

Rather than being put off this fantastic breed, why don’t you take a look through our advice so that you can find new ways of helping your pup quieten down without causing stress and disruption.

However, it is essential to realize that while your Dachshund may bark less when you introduce our tips, you will never cure them of their love of barking. We hope that you enjoy working through these tips with your lovely pooch.


Tip One – Exercise Your Dog Regularly

Exercising your dog may seem like an obvious idea, but exercise is an excellent cure for excessive barking.

Dogs are active animals, and when you take into account that the Dachshund was bred as a working dog, then you will realize that they need regular exercise to keep them in top form.

A dog that isn’t exercised enough will have too much energy and will convert that into anti-social behaviors to expel it. Dachshunds love to share their frustrations and will bark non-stop until they get you to take them out for a stroll.

Be careful not to take them out when they bark at you as this will lead to them thinking that barking is the only way they can enjoy a walk. 

Our top tip is to pre-empt their exercise needs and take them out before they bark so that they know a quiet start to the day is optimal.

Make sure you exercise them enough every day and build this into a routine so that they know when to expect time out and about.


Tip Two – Interaction is Important

If you are looking for a dog that will sit quietly in a corner, then you probably don’t want a dog at all! Dachshunds love to spend time with their families and will thrive when in an active and loving environment.

They are great with all the family and love to enjoy fun games as well as relaxing time curled up with the people they love the most.

Dog barking at man using phone

However, if you fail to spend enough time with your pup, then they will let you know by barking at you. This type of attention-seeking is particularly tricky as it often gets a negative response and teaches your dog that any attention is good attention. 

Our top tip is to lavish fuss and attention on your pooch when they are at their quietest. This will teach them that they get lots of fuss when they are well behaved.

Make sure that everyone in your family is on board with the method and ensure that everyone plays their part interacting with your pet.


Tip Three – Socialization is the Key

Many Dachshunds bark a lot when they come into contact with people and animals they don’t know. If you have one of these fantastic dogs, you probably will have been embarrassed at some point when walking them or when chatting to the neighbors over the fence.

Don’t be disheartened; your dog is trying to find a way to communicate and show you that while they are happy to meet a new person, they are also feeling a bit nervous too.

Our top tip to help prevent this is first to make sure that you give your dog as many opportunities as possible to socialize from a young age.

Gradually introducing them to lots of new people and other animals mean that they will be less likely to bark in the future. If you find that your dog does bark, then move them away calmly and only try again when they are quiet.

This will take time and patience, but if they learn that they are removed from social situations when they bark, they will learn that it is not acceptable.


Tip Four – Smart Dogs Need Stimulation

The great thing about Dachshunds is that they are incredibly smart and love to learn. Many owners report that they’re shocked by their pet’s intelligence and have discovered too late that they can wriggle out of most situations!

Imagine having a child that wants to learn and is stifled from developing; that is precisely how Dachshunds can be made to feel if they don’t get enough stimulation every day.

The result of this lack of stimulation is excessive barking. Your dog will bark to tell you they are bored and won’t understand that they are behaving in a way that upsets you.

black and tan dachshund wearing striped T-shirt, shorts and cap stands at the goal like a football goalkeeper put his paw on the ball.

Our top tip helps you to avoid barking in the first place. Try engaging your dog with puzzles and activities that involve their brains.

Give them plenty of time off the lead so that they can explore their surroundings and provide them with treats they have to work for to keep them entertained at home.

If you give your pooch enough stimulation, you can be sure that they won’t be barking at you for this reason!


Tip Five – Train Your Dog From Day One

So many of us fall into the trap of spoiling our precious pooches when they are small. We often forget that this leads to bad habits and poor behavior along the way!

If your Dachshund is not trained well, then you will find they are more likely to bark for many reasons, all of which will drive you bonkers!

It’s important to remember that this breed is a noisy one, and no matter what you do, they are likely to want to vocalize their feelings whenever possible.

However, if you aren’t able to get a handle on their noise, then you can expect to hear them day and night.

Our top tip is to take your pet to training classes as early as possible and avoid spoiling your pet when they are young. Training classes help you learn the best way to deal with the barking and will help you to develop a strong relationship with your pooch.

This foundation will help you to overcome any barking issues as your dog grows and can usually help you avoid lots of negative behaviors before they even begin.


Tip Six – Bribery Can Work!

We are all told that bribery is not good, but let’s consider how this can work with our pups!

Finding a way to teach them that barking is negative will require some type of reward system and let’s face it, if they are following the rules, then they deserve something lovely in return.

When it comes to rewarding your Dachshund, you need to offer them something tasty and ensure you give it to them at the optimum time.

They should never be left wondering if they deserve a treat, but they should also not get so many that they take them for granted.

Our top tip is to use rewards to show your dog that barking is not a wise idea. When they are quiet and do something that impresses you, then lavish as much attention and treats on them as you can.

However, if they bark, remove them from the situation they are in and do not engage until they have stopped barking. They will soon learn that to get fuss and attention, they need to be quiet.


Tip Seven – Keep Your Cool at All Times

Prolonged barking is incredibly challenging to cope with, as it is disruptive and frustrating. We have all gone to bed, expecting to enjoy a decent night’s sleep and ended up being woken up by our dog barking.

It’s normal to get annoyed and feel like shouting at your dog to stop. Sadly, this is counterintuitive and will develop feelings of anxiety in your pet.

male with his eyes closed meditating with his dachshund dog lay down in front of him

Dachshunds can become very anxious when they are separated from you, and as such, they struggle to remain in a different room at night-time or stay at home when you go out.

You need to help your dog to understand that they are safe and that you are going to return for them to stop barking as much.

Our top tip is to find a way to keep calm at all times. We understand that there is nothing more frustrating or embarrassing than a dog that will not stop making noise.

However, animals are very intuitive and will pick up on your emotions.

If you are angry or stressed, they will become more anxious and then bark more. Keeping calm allows you to take control of the situation and show your pup the best way to behave.


In Summary

It’s clear that if you are a Dachshund owner, then you are a very fortunate person. This breed will offer loyalty, love, and acceptance and make a great pet for anyone interested in dogs.

Their attractive looks and small stature will endear them to most people, along with their impressive work ethic and intelligence.

It’s a given that if you own one of these pooches, then you can expect to find their barking a challenge at times and will need to follow some of our tips and tricks to get it under control.

When this time comes, we would suggest that remaining calm, and offering consistency is the key.

There are many ideas for you to implement, and it is wise to work through them one by one so that you can discover what the underlying issue was in the first place. 

The best advice we can offer is to love and cherish your pet.

They are part of your family, and they will want the opportunity to have their voice heard. With lots of love, treats, and encouragement, we are confident you will find the balance between incessant barking and total silence.

Good luck on your journey, we are sure you will crack it soon enough!